Aquasure Xpert
Aquasure Xpert
Aquasure Xpert Key Features:
    • Recommended for 
      Water from many sources – municipal, borewells, tankers.


    • Taste Guard Technology - Patented RO+UV+UF multi-stage purification
      Only Aqua Sure Xpert has the patented Taste Guard Technology which continuously monitors the input quality of water and automatically adjusts the purification technology. So whatever the source of water - Municipal, Tanker or Borewell, Taste Guard Technology gives you the same tasting, pure, safe and sweet water, always.


    • Advanced Safety
      Your family gets
      • Safe and sweet drinking water with balanced mineral content - even if input TDS and water quality changes with the varying sources of water.
      • Protection from jaundice, cholera, typhoid and many other dangerous water-borne diseases caused by bacteria, viruses and cysts.
      • Protection from harmful chemicals, pesticides and dreaded heavy metals such as arsenic, lead, mercury that can lead to long-term damage to health.
      • Cartridge and UV Life alert for you to smartly schedule your service calls.
      • On-screen alerts to help you operate the purifier in optimum condition.


    • Freedom from 
      calling a service technician to change TDS setting.


  • Xpert benefits- Convenience for you
    • Displays 'Tank Full' indication, date and time.
    • Guides you to select optimum TDS band.
    • User-friendly LCD screen and soft-touch buttons.
    • 12 months warranty on membrane.
  • Eco-friendly Water Purifier
    Saves 10 to 30 litres of water everyday, unlike other RO purifiers.


  • Warranty – The Goods are warranted against defects arising from faulty designs, workmanship and materials for 12 months from the date of Installation or 15 months from the date of sale, whichever is earlier subject to the Terms and Conditions applicable.

Purchase Guidance

  • RO Purifiers should be used where the TDS levels in Water are high. Usually water drawn from Borewell has high TDS leading to a salty or brackish taste.
  • UV water purifiers are ideal for areas where the water does not have high TDS. Usually water sourced from Rivers & Lakes supplied by Municipal Corporations has low TDS. This water does not taste salty or brackish
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